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Hoppy Easter

Happy Easter everyone!! I hope you all are spending the day with family and friends like I am. My family has a tradition of going to church, having brunch, and then playing volleyball with a group of families... That along with my planned outfit will not be happening this year due to the snow. This year we are going to go play Top Golf before we have a late lunch which means I will be very casual for most of the day.

I am posting a picture of what I ideally would want to wear on Easter if it was warm out. I love a good silk short (or any shorts really) paired with a tank. If I were wearing this outfit to church I would add a longer loose sweater to make it a little more conservative and probably switch to a distressed denim jacket for brunch. The blue/yellow pastels scream Easter to me which is why I originally picked this. We carry these shorts as is and in a plain light denim which is also super cute.

Hope you all have the best Sunday!

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